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Academic Exchange with Overseas Academic Institutions

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Date 2021-11-08

We exchange academic periodicals with overseas academic research institutions and cooperate with them in respect of some research projects.

Visting Professor


Rolf Birk

Director of the Institution for Labour Law and Industrial Relations in European Community

Gustav Wachter

Director of The Institute for Labour Law and Social Security, Innsbruck University, Austria

Santanu Sarkar

XLRI-Xavier School of Management, India

Lansbury Russell

Director of The Australian Center for Industrial Relations, Australia

Masahiro Ken Kuwahara

Faculty of Law, Niigata University, Japan

Marius Olivier

Department of Mercantile Law, Rand Afrikaans University, South Africa

Schregle Johannes

International Society of Labour Law and Social Security-Honorary President, German

Timothy Christian

Faculty of Law, University of Alberta, Canada

Lowe Graham

Department of Sociology, University of Alberta, Canada

Sumner M. Rosen

School of Social Work, University of Columbia, America

Viklund Birger

Director of The Swedish Center for Working Life, Sweden

Jamieson Suzanne

Department of Industrial Relations, University of Sydney, Australia

Robert Lindsay Tierney

Faculty of Marketing and Management Commerce, University of Charles Sturt, Australia

Trevor Bain

Former Director, Human Resources Institute, University of Alabama, America

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