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International Student

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Date 2021-11-08

International Student

Program Duration

Master's programs must be completed within 1-4 years.

Admission Quota

Degree Student: 2

Non-Degree Student: 5


1.Graduated from public or enlisted private universities or independent colleges

2.Graduated from foreign colleges, as approved by the government's Department of Education.

3.Applicants hold equivalent degrees.

Admission Criteria

Application Materials Review


Additional Application Materials: Related documents of proficiency in Chinese language(total course hours or language proficiency test results, etc.) or learning background of Chinese language

Chinese Language Requirements

According to the requirements set by the Graduate Institute, students are required to pass the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) at Level 4 before graduation.

Application Procedure

Step 1: Apply Online NCCU International Student Online Application

Step 2: Print Online Application Documents

Step 3: Prepare Materials Required for the Application and Pay the Application Fees

Step 4: Submit the Application

Office in charge of international students' application for admission

International Education Section, Office of International Cooperation (OIC)


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