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Date 2021-11-07

The Institute's Scheme of Development :

  1. On the concept of integration between subjects, labor research of all different fields are reorganized into a separate subject and research field under labor relations. This curriculum will offer the students a well-rounded training in social science to give scope of the integration of science and technology. In the future, a department and a Ph. D program of labor relations will be established to complete the system of research and teaching in labor field in this university.
  2. This institute will actively promote international academic exchange programs and build up cooperative relations with famous universities and research institutes in USA, Britain, Germany and Japan. Activities of such international exchange program include the exchange of teachers and students, hosting of academic symposiums, and mutual academic research projects.
  3. The research projects delegated from outside the university will be accepted and the relevant information and consulting services will be supplied to the government and enterprises.
  4. This institute will manage all kinds of extension education. It will cooperate with enterprises and all levels of trade unions to offer in-service youths the channel of further education in accordance with the educational policies.

Intermediate and long-term Objectives
Long Term Development Plan:

  1. Establish the Department of Labor Relations:
    • The University will establish the research and teaching system of labor to satisfy the present national need of social and economic developments.
    • The institute will offer the students a well rounded training of social science to nurture their academic capabilities in labor research and develop talents for the country's social development through the available teaching and research resources of this university.
    • After the students' junior year, the program will be divided into three groups: Labor Relations, Human Resources, and Social Security.
  2. Establish the Ph.D Program of Institute for Labor Studies and nurture the senior professional talents for the country's labor affairs.
    • Improve the academic research level and quality, and welcome the era of globalization.
    • This institute will actively promote international academic exchange, and build up the cooperative relations with famous foreign universities and research institutes,to host activities such as academic symposiums, and mutual academic research projects.
  3. To establish the centre of Labor Education:
    • The centre will offer the channel for in-service youths to pursue further education, train government decision-making talents, supply relevant consulting services for enterprises and train professional talents in trade unions.
    • The centre will also manage all kinds of extension education, train students' adaptive capabilities to environmental changes, cooperate with governments, enterprises and trade unions, and supply professional consulting talents.
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