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Date 2016-08-15

Presentation The Global Economics and Social Affairs International Master’s (GESAM) is organised by the Ca’ Foscari University in collaboration with the International Labour Organisation in Geneva. In this current era of globalisation, we are facing huge unprecedented challenges. GESAM’s mission is more important now than ever: to train the new generation of leaders on the global stage, i.e. the "professionals" who in various fields of work (public and private companies, international organisations, non-governmental organisations, public administrations, etc) have transversal skills in economic and social/labour law affairs: an understanding of the economic phenomena linked to globalisation strikes a chord with social concerns, in the belief that economic and social progress must move forward together and that the latter is not a natural consequence of the former, but should rather be planned institutionally. This Master’s is a proud partner of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), where students will be able to attend lectures and seminars run by ILO officials.

Objectives This international Master’s aims to meet the needs of the global economic world, as well as needs which are not just based on the training of high-level professional managerial figures employed in institutional environments and at private companies working at an international level, but also on the training of new professional figures, such as: social accountability advisors, new market developers, network management experts and international development cooperation experts. This international Master’s is aimed at, in particular, people with roles of responsibility who wish to improve their own skills and, consequently, their own professional status, becoming more competitive in the labour market.


Duration and summary of training activities and training credits (CFU) The Master's Programme lasts one year and comprises 318-hours of teaching. A 300-hours internship forms an integral part of the course and, as such, an excellent future job opportunity. However, internships for students who are already gainfully employed is facultative or can be supplanted by targeted project work. 1650-hours for a total of 66 CFUs are given over to study, including individual study and the preparation of a final thesis.

Qualification awarded Students who have attended the classes, performed the work placement and written the final thesis will be awarded a level I Master’s Degree in Global Economics and Social Affairs (GESAM). This qualification provides 48 credits towards enrolment onto the post-graduate degree course in Comparative International Relations at the Ca’ Foscari University (

Course period January 2017 > January 2018

Teaching schedule Intensive period of lectures from 16/01/2017 to 03/03/2017, full time from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm*


Attendance Attendance will be monitored by signing a register. The qualification will only be awarded with an attendance of at least 80% of the overall hours (including the total lecture hours and the total work placement/project work hours) and with submission of the thesis, which will be assessed by the Scientific Committee.

Course location Ca’ Foscari – Venice and the ILO – Geneva

Admission requirements FIRST LEVEL /pre-reform university Degree/Diploma /Three-year Degree /Equivalent foreign university qualification in a similar subject, subject to approval from the Teachers’ Board /Certified knowledge of English

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