篇名 經濟不景氣與日本企業之人員調整措施──以終身雇用制為例
作者 林顯宗
刊名 政大勞動學報
期數 200801(23)
出版單位 國立政治大學勞工研究所
起訖頁 145-179



The ways of employment in Japanese corporations consist of lifetime commitment, payments by seniority and enterprise labor union. Above all, life commitment is the most unique one.It follows the conventional way of Japanese society, culture, history and it does not base on the labor law of Japan. Hence, the life commitment has its own features and is usually used to distinguish the main differences of business cultures between Japan and Western countries.

The main feature of the lifetime commitment is that the employers will usually employed staff for life and they will not dismiss staff easily if there is no uncertainty.Moreover, staff will also expect to work at their corporation for lifetime. Corporation will provide relevant and applicable job training to staff.It will also provide appropriate welfare so that life commitment could also create a sense of belonging and loyalty by staff.However, during recession, corporation might also need to reduce manpower by retrenchment.In this case, Japanese corporation will adopt various ways to cope with the recession and handle the problem gradually.Therefore, life commitment culture is still has its uniqueness in Japanese corporations.

關鍵詞 日本企業、雇用形態、終身雇用制、Japanese CorporationsLifetime Commitmentways of employment