台灣人力派遣對僱傭關係與人力資源管理影響的探討 ──以美國臨時性支援服務發展為對比

篇名 台灣人力派遣對僱傭關係與人力資源管理影響的探討 ──以美國臨時性支援服務發展為對比
作者 柯志哲、葉穎蓉、蔡博全
刊名 政大勞動學報
期數 200401(第15期)
出版單位 國立政治大學勞工研究所
起訖頁 1-43


本研究屬探索性研究,針對國內實際從事人力派遣的業者進行深度訪談。我們由分析中發現,人力派遣業中關於僱傭關係的種種制度安排與 傳統僱傭關係迥異。尤其是由人力派遣業者、使用公司與派遣員工之間所構成的三角關係造成雇主認定上的混淆,派遣業者策略性地區分常僱型與登錄型派遣勞動導 致僱傭關係的不穩定性,以及派遣業者的彈性化人力資源管理措施造成對派遣人力的人力資本投資不足等,均是值得我們重視的演變。


We study institutional arrangements and practices of the controversial dispatched work business in Taiwan. On the one hand, we are looking for a better understanding of this work arrangement; on the other hand, we would like to understand how this work arrangement has reshaped the employment relations and human resource management within organizations. Due to lack of relevant literature and research, we use the temporary help service of the U.S.A. as the basis of comparison, to study the institutional arrangements, process of development, future prospect, and issues related to employment relations of this work arrangement.

This is an exploratory research and is based on interviews with agents of this industry. We find that institutional arrangements related to employment relations in this industry are different from those under traditional employment relations. We are particularly interested in some developments: first, ambiguity in identity of employer status caused by the triangular relationship between the staffing agent, the client company and the dispatching labor force; second, insecurity of employment relationship due to the agent’s strategy in dividing its workforce into “constant hire” and “registered temp”; third, under-investment in dispatched labor’s human capital resulting from staffing agents’ flexible human resource management practices.

關鍵詞 人力派遣、派遣勞動、臨時性支援服務、非典型工作安排、 僱傭關係、人力資源管理