Labour in a Globalised Economy:National Institutions Matter

篇名 Labour in a Globalised Economy:National Institutions Matter
作者 Birger Viklund
刊名 政大劳动学报
期数 200207(第12期)
出版单位 国立政治大学劳工研究所
起讫页 43-50

Has the welfare models of small countries in the industrialised world and in the modern economies of the third world been ruined by globalisation?  Is the only possible defence of the national welfare and equality policies formulated and introduced by unions and democratic socialist governments the building up of international institutions to match the multinational companies? If that is so, the unions, labour movements and regions in small and large nations hit by the policies of profit maximising multinationals have no future.  The multinational corporations , moving their production facilities to the ”cheapest” nations, which promise subsidies, no taxes, no safety and health regulations and low wages - even no unions - are not under obligation to render account of their activities to any international body.