Graduate Institute of Labor Research, National Chengchi University


Transformation of British Industrial Relations:Myth or Miracle?

篇名 Transformation of British Industrial Relations:Myth or Miracle?
作者 Nicholas Horsewood
刊名 政大勞動學報
期數 200201(第11期)
出版單位 國立政治大學勞工研究所
起訖頁 89-113

The purpose of this paper is to describe the transformation of the British industrial relations system and evaluate the economic consequence of the changes in statutes. The main issue to be addressed is, given the general economic circumstances in the 1980s, did the changes made to industrial relations have the effects that was envisaged for them. Section 2 provides an account of labour law and the industrial relations framework prior to 1979.  The legislative changes are described and discussed in Section 3.  As Britain is a member of the European Union, Section 4 examines the introduction of any labour laws that lessen the influence of the domestic legislation. The link between changes to the institutional framework and the performance are analysed in the following section. Section 6 concludes the paper.