Graduate Institute of Labor Research, National Chengchi University


Female labor provision and right in forms of legislation

篇名 婦女勞動條款與立法形成權
英文篇名 Female labor provision and right in forms of legislation
作者 鄧學良、王德嚴
刊名 政大勞動學報
期數 201112(27)
出版單位 國立政治大學勞工研究所
起訖頁 41-75



There are many regulations about feminine laborer in our country, and it is informed to serve protection around feminine laborer. But through this study, it is obviously that above regulations mentioned are twisting discipline of labor market. To the top if off, the governmental responsibility converts into the management’s duty. It brings much disadvantage to feminine laborer. It is necessary to do some examination, and try to locate the female labor regulation on : To be protected to woman labor, and to be the responsibility of the government.

關鍵詞 婦女勞動、女性保護、母性保護、勞動定律、政府責任、Female laborFeminine ProtectionMaternal ProtectionLabor DisciplineGovernmental Responsibility