Graduate Institute of Labor Research, National Chengchi University


A Stakeholders Approach to Cross-Policy Performance Evaluation of Promotion Employment Programs

篇名 促進就業政策之跨計劃研究:政策利害關係人途徑
英文篇名 A Stakeholders Approach to Cross-Policy Performance Evaluation of Promotion Employment Programs
作者 劉宜君、辛炳隆、馬財專
刊名 政大勞動學報
期數 201212(28)
出版單位 國立政治大學勞工研究所
起訖頁 1-43



In recent years, the government has endorsed wage subsidies as a policy instrument to deal with this country's diverse unemployment since financial crisis of 2007. The major purpose of this paper is to compare implementation process and effectiveness of four promotion employment policies from the stakeholder approach. The research considers Multiple Employment Program, Instant Employment Plan, Youth Work Experience Program and Promotion of Employment through Improving Quality Human Project as cross-policy research objectives. Those programs are characterized as types of wage subsidies policy to raise employment levels. This paper takes stock of the relevant literature and conducts a telephone survey to obtain insights into wage subsidy design and implementation issues. The research also investigates whether this policy measure is appropriate in dealing with diverse unemployment problem. Those interested parties are surveyed to understand their experience of participating in those programs, policy satisfaction and their opportunity cost viewpoint. The research argues that although wage subsidies may be successful at creating jobs, they should not be seen as the primary or dominant policy instrument for dealing with the broader unemployment problem. The research also finds that grant standards are inconsistent with the each other; it shows trade-off and competition among the programs. To enhance the effectiveness of wage subsidies, they should preferably be linked to structured workplace training, be targeted to industries where employment will be responsive to changes in labor costs, and be focused on the unemployment. The research suggests that the relevant authorities review and improve existing administrative operations of those programs, the contents of streamlining processes and operations to reduce administrative procedure pressure.

關鍵詞 促進就業政策、政策評估、政策利害關係人、機會成本、Policy EvaluationPromotion Employment PolicyPolicy StakeholderOpportunity Cost