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Brief Introduction

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Date 2023-08-09

The Graduate Institute of Labor Research was founded on August 1, 1990. It promotes research and development in areas of labor and employment relations. The key areas of research include:

(1) Labor policies, labor legislation, and labor administration,

(2) Labor-management relationships, labor affairs management, and union organization,

(3) The settlement of disputes between labor and management,

(4) International labor-management relationship.


This institute offers a Master’s degree program which can be completed in a timeframe of two to four years. A minimum of 32 credits of coursework plus a master's thesis are required for graduation. The courses are generally organized into three tracks as follows:

(1) Labor and Employment Relations,

(2) Human Resource Management,

(3) Social Security.


The program offers students solid and complete training in the social sciences to nurture their capabilities in labor research, human resource management, and labor activism through the university’s teaching and research resources.


The four core pillars of the institute’s mission are:

(1) To train applicable academic and theoretical scholars.

Students are the bridge between theoretical framework development and the implementation of policy that will improve the quality of the relations between labor and management.

(2) To prepare students for the civil service examination system.

Students will eventually work in government and deal with labor problems such as labor administration, labor insurance, vocational training, mediation, and arbitration.

(3) To train professional experts for public-owned and private enterprises.

Students will be prepared to handle personnel management and promote communication between labor and management.

(4) To educate professional experts who work for labor unions.

Students will eventually be the ones helping unions to run more efficiently and harmonizing the relationship between labor and management.



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